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Here at The Best Juicer Reviews we’ve taken the guess work out of researching the best juicers and picking the perfect one for your needs. We’ve done the research so you can easily compare the most popular models on the market for every price range.

We’ve got ratings, comparisons and reviews of Champion, Breville, Jack Lalanne Power Juicers, Green Star, Norwalk, Magic Bullet, Juiceman and many other brands.

The Best Juicer Reviews

You’ll find lots of easily laid out information about the many types available. After spending a little time on our site it will be easy for you to choose the best juicer for your purposes.

How to get Started Choosing a Juicer

The first step to picking the best juicer is narrowing down your options. It’s not as simple as just saying Who makes the best juicer? You need to focus in on who makes the right juicer for your needs.

You can narrow down your options by checking out a handy checklist about how to choose the best juicer for you. The mini-guide offers a quick checklist to help you decide what matters most to you. It covers the five most important considerations for first time juicer buyers: juice yield, motor strength, durability, ease of use, and price.

When you’re done reading the mini guide, you’ll be ready to dig into our reviews. Before you know it you’ll be ready to make your final decision!

What Else is The Best Juicer Reviews ?

There’s a whole section dedicated to the health benefits of juicing. It’s the perfect resource for learning about the health benefits of many different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as handy tips for how to juice different types of produce. So if you’re in the process of buying a juicer, make sure to bookmark our site. That way you can come back and learn all of our juicing tips and tricks to get the most out of your new juicer.

Now let’s get started. It’s time to check out our top juicer reviews. They’re all listed by brand name below…

The Best Juicer Reviews Main Sections

Breville Juicer Reviews : Breville juicers are centrifugal juicers that range from $99 to $299 retail. These sleek, stainless steel juicers have the highest juicing speed of any other juicer on the market and make a glass of juice in only 5 seconds. The Breville company is based in Australia and manufactures many small home appliances. Check out our reviews to find out which model we awarded with our best juicer reviews “Top Choice Award” and which one got our “Don’t Buy Warning”.

Champion Juicer Reviews :Champion Juicer Reviews : The Champion juicer, at a retail price of $229, is a mainstay in the world of juicers. It is one of the most durable juicers you can buy, topped only by the Norwalk brand. Champions have been in production since 1955 and it wouldn’t be a surprise if there are still a few antique working models out there. Champions, a masticating style juicer, are known for lasting 20 years plus. If durability is key for you and you don’t mind a little clean up time, check out our review of this brand.

Green Star Juicer Reviews : Green Star juicers are the cream of the crop if you want the widest variety of juicing capabilities. What does that mean? Green Star juicers can juice anything, literally anything. Citrus, soft fruits, berries, soft veggies, hard veggies, greens and wheatgrass are all possible with this juicer brand. It’s all made possible by the twin gear styling of this juicer line. Variety like this is hard to come by in a juicer, and there is a price. The Green Star starts at the big retail price tag of $459 and tops off at $629 (although bargains are out there!). Clean up is quite time consuming in this brand, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy juicing experience, pass on this review.

Jack Lalanne Juicer Reviews : Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicers are the most popular brand on the market today, thanks in large part to Jack’s health and fitness star status. With a low cost price range of $99 to $149 many folks snap up a Jack Lalanne on a whim. Are these centrifugal juicers all they’re cracked up to be? We certainly don’t think so. You can read our review to find out why we’ve branded the entire Power Juicer line with our best juicer reviews “Don’t Buy Warning”.

Juiceman Juicer Reviews : Juiceman juicers are “the little engine that could”. O.K. Not such a little engine after all. This budget line ranges from $99 to $169 and features strong motors, stainless steel good looks, multi-speed options, childproof safety mechanisms, and can juice a large variety of produce (everything except wheatgrass). The Juiceman juicer line, made popular in the 1990’s by health enthusiast Jay Kordich has stood the test of time and comes in as a great pick for the centrifugal budget juicer crowd. Can we say more? We like these little beauties so much we’ve awarded them our best juicer reviews “Top Choice Award”.

Magic Bullet Juicer Reviews : The Magic Bullet isn’t actually a juicer. It’s a multi-function blender with juicing capabilities that comes in at $99. It’s another “As Seen on TV” juicer brand that fails miserably on every count. If you care about durability, read our review for why this isn’t the all-purpose kitchen wizard that can replace all of your other appliances.

If you’re interested in juicing, don’t get the Magic Bullet! It has severe durability issues and the company doesn’t provide replacement parts without a fight and a high price tag. If you’re wavering on the fence, read our review and save your money. We give the Magic Bullet our infamous best juicer reviews “Don’t Buy Warning”.

Norwalk Juicer Reviews : Ah, the Norwalk. Dr. Norman Walker created the first juicer back in 1934. His company started manufacturing these juice extractors over 75 years ago, and guess what, they’re still around, going strong, and yes… the absolute best juicer you can buy. Manufactured in the United States in Bentonville, Arkansas, these juicers have the highest juice yield of any other juicer.

They are based on a hydraulic press system that literally presses down on the produce with 2,000 pounds of pressure. It is the simplest and most effective method of juice extraction available. Is there a catch? Of course! The retail price starts off at a whopping $2,399. Read our Norwalk review section and find out how you can get a Norwalk juicer for closer to a quarter of the price. We’ve got the secret!

Here at the best juicer reviews, we take the review process seriously. We spend a lot of time researching and creating each review. To find out more about the process, visit our page on how we create the best juicer reviews.

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