Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

There are only a few beauty products than Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette that look prettier in our vanity bags and makeup counters. The assortment of shimmery shades, pretty matte colors and sleek packaging, Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette is just like an artist’s palette of paints. Not all of them, though! Only the good quality ones, the best eyeshadow palettes!

Why did I mention about only the best eyeshadow palettes? Well, not all the palettes available in the market is worth buying, even trying on your beautiful eyes. I know many women that regretted trying a bullshit eyeshadow and ruining a day of their life, and some money also! So, basically this guide aimed to helping people know true stuff about eyeshadow, what makes an eyeshadow good, what bad, what are the best eyeshadows available in the market now, and what not!

Now, every Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette has some key characteristics. Firstly, the best eyeshadow palettes will feature a sleek, elegant and display-worthy packaging, something you don’t get with an every Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette.They also should offer a selection of shades perfectly complementing one another, but still will allow you to create a range of looks taking you from day to night.

Then comes the Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette themselves. The best eyeshadow palettes should feature top-quality shadows. Top quality means each of them should be blendable, pigmented and lasts long without smudging or creasing. It’s nice if they come with a nice brush.

But that can be a lot to live up to. And not every single eyeshadow palette passes the test. And, eyeshadow palettes is not always very cheap, so it’ll be tough process for anyone to try out every single eyeshadow on the market and find the best one.

That’s where we come handy. Our team of experts have narrowed down the options to make it easier for you to make a choice. We’ve picked the best 3 eyeshadows on the market now, considering different aspects. Our list features matte palettes, nude palettes, palettes in high and low price range, best overall palette. Let’s jump onto them.

For Those who’re In a Hurry, Here’s a Quick Brief of This Detailed Review:

This is a long piece, a detailed one, a report of our hours of research. So I suggest you read it through to know eyeshadow palettes a lot better than before. But, if you’re in a hurry and can’t manage time to enjoy this piece, here’s a quick list and review of the top 3 palettes we found out through our research.

The Best Overall Eyeshadow: Lamora Best Pro Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Good For:

The palette has rich and vibrant shades that is made from high quality materials. It can give you nice rich and transitional colors for all occasions and all seasons. The shades are very well pigmented and applies easily. The colors are very subtle. They do last long. And, finally it falls in affordable price range.

Bad For:

It doesn’t mix well with water and some of the shades are a bit powdery.

Best High End Eyeshadow: Lorac Pro Matte Shadow Palette

Good For:

This eyeshadow palette is a steal for people who loves matte like me. Its colors have amazing textures. The shadows are rich and very well pigmented and leaves a flawless finish. They’re

smooth, velvety and blend very nicely. The color payoff is great, and they do last long, the time is 8-9 hours for me. It comes with a sleek and travel friendly compact packaging. This probably is the best matte eyeshadow palette for the money.

Bad For:

This could come with a makeup brush for application convenience, which it doesn’t. And some people might find it a pricey as well.


The Best Value Eyeshadow: Shany Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

Good For:

It comes with a whopping variety of colors. It has 88 colors in total, 29 are matte and 59 are ultra-shimmers out of them. The colors are natural and neutral, suits all skin types. It comes with 2 korean sponge applicators and a large mirror for application convenience. Shades are very well pigmented, even comparable with some high end palettes. Priced in a low range, performs way better than it costs.

Bad For:

Packaging is not that great, could be made compact for carrying convenience.

Now, if you got enough time, there is a detailed post-mortem of these eyeshadows below.

The Top 3 Eyeshadows

Here’s the reviews of the top 3 eyeshadows on the market. We’ve done this eyeshadow reviews based on our research and practical experience with them. These reviews are completely unbiased and honest.

Best Overall Eyeshadow: Lamora Best Pro Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Lamora’s collection of natural and warm colors are perfect for each and every look, from dramatic smoky eye to sun-kissed angel. Unlike some other palettes, most color of this palettes is well pigmented and useful, serving a purpose.

Its super fine quality, finest quality ingredient, luxurious colors, very well pigmented shades make it one of the best eyeshadow you can dream having off in your vanity. Lamora Exposed is also a very renowned company in this industry that has good will in making eyeshadows ensuring best possible quality.Overall the great quality of this palette, the good will of the manufacturer and ideal pricing make it a favorite of mine, and many other beauty experts.

The eyeshadow palette contains total 16 rich, luxurious, natural and neutral colors that are very well pigmented with extraordinary durability and staying power. Out of 16, 14 are shimmery and rest 2 are matte.

The palette lets you enjoy playing around with the different rich colors whether you are headed out for the evening or a party or want the day-time look.The nude shades come in impressive matte, satin, metallic and shimmering earthy hues that range from  succulent chocolaty brown to soft beige. With these palettes you can play with your looks, from natural to dramatic depending on your mood or where you are going!

These palettes are talc and mica based, velvety smooth, water proof and fine quality to give re-define your eyes. The colors are very subtle. The more you’ll apply, the darker it’ll get. So, you can get both light and deep colors from it to meet demands of different occasions. The colors blend well with each other too, they have a good combination code among them. For example, mix of the Royally Dark Brown and the Rose Golden shades gives you glamorous and shimmery looks.

The ingredients used in it are safe for application. They are not supposed to create any side effect. The ingredients are proven. They have been tested and certified by the relevant health authorities.

This palette has a sleek, slim, pocket-friendly packaging that makes for light and suitable for traveling. It does not come with a makeup brush or mirror, so I would recommend buying those separately, they’re cheap.


  • Vibrant shades
  • Great Rich and transitional colors for all occasions, all seasons.
  • Most of the shades are very well pigmented
  • The colors have good combination code among them, combinedly provides a complementary color for each item in your wardrobe
  • Good and safe ingredients
  • Affordably priced


  • Some shades are a bit powdery, they could be better pigmented
  • Doesn’t mix very well with water


Best High End Eyeshadow: LORAC Pro Matte Shadow Palette

Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette

You don’t always need a fancy shmancy palette with a tons of shades to get a catchy and gorgeous look. Over the years, some of my smaller palettes are my most reached for! I get myself a good matte palette and I’m a happy camper!

Personally, I really in love with matte eyeshadows and one of my most favorite matte palettes come from Lorac’s Pro Palette – it’s without any doubt one of the best matte palettes I have ever used. From the very first use, I fall instantly in love with the gorgeous array of matte nudes!

This palette has eight matte eyeshadows: Bare (light beige), Corduroy (medium dark-brown), Latte (medium gray-brown), and Linen (bright white), and Chocolate (brown, with red color undertones), and Burgundy (dark, red-purple burgundy), and Pink Mauve (dusty, soft mauve), and Jet Black.

The shadows are very rich and they’re amazingly well pigmented,creating a flawless finish.All these eyeshadows has an incredible texture. They’re velvety, smooth and they all blend very beautifully. These colors have great pigmentation and the manufacturing formula makes it long-lasting, too (about 8-9 hours on me). So, the color payoff is great.

This palette has everything in it to offer you create any look; from a day-time soft look, to a smokey and dramatic eye. The palette is compact in size and it features a mirror, making it an ideal travel companion in your vanity.

I had an initial impression on this palette that these shadows weren’t anything new, but after using for a while I was convinced that they actually were something brand-new. I found that they were not there in any other previous palettes, at least in those I used. They kind of look familiar to the matte colors from both Lorac Pro and Pro 2 palettes, but they something unique that differs them.

For the bottom line, the Pro Matte Palette from Lorac is an awesome set of rich, pigmented and long-staying eyeshadows. I highly recommend the palette, especially for those who love mattes. It would be a great eyeshadow palette for makeup newbies also, or someone who’s just getting going with eye makeup.


  • Amazing color textures.
  • Smooth application, very well pigmented.
  • Long lasting.
  • Probably best matte palette you can buy in ‘not-breaking-the-bank’ range.


  • No makeup brush.
  • Some may find pricey.


Best Value Eyeshadow: SHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fusion EyeShadow Palette from Shany is the whooping variety of neutral colors. This palette comes with a whopping 88 colors. Out of the 88, 29 are matte colors, and rest 59 are ultra-shimmers. The colors are rich, natural and neutral. The sleek kit also comes with a large mirror and 2 sponge applicators. The kit comes from a renowned name ‘Shany’ known for producing high end makeup at affordable price.

Honestly, at first impression, it’ll look like a cheap $10 gift sets to many that usually comes out around Christmas. But after testing some of the shadows of it, my whole impression on this palette got fully changed.

I used the included korean applicator to apply a shimmer color on my eyelids and all my reaction was, wow! Maybe a bit more surprised than I was supposed to be, as I primarily had kind of a bad impression of this palette for its ‘not-great’ outlook.

This eyeshadow is very creamy, highly pigmented, and so rich that a little dab goes a pretty long way! This palette fits in low price range, but I’m not kidding if I say it is somewhat comparable to some high end pigments that I have owned. This rich pigmentation of the shadows makes them very easily applicable on eyelids.

These shadows are also long lasting, but with some little tasks to do. They’ll carry your whole day out with little touchups. They might not also need that if you can make sure they stay their way, nothing disturbs them.

One point of improvement could be better and compact packaging. It would be very nice to have them in smaller palettes for carrying convenience. It’s not a major issue though, after how good service it is giving in things that really matters, being in this price range, I can’t really complain about that.

The bottomline is, the SHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette is a real keeper. With the the huge and rich color options it’s providing, the amazingly well pigmented shadows, the convenient applying brush and mirror, it’s a steal for the money.


  • Lots of rich and natural colors, carrying both matte and shimmer.
  • Suits all eye colors skin tones
  • Very well pigmented
  • Affordably Priced.


  • Packaging could be more compact.


Wrapping It Up:

So, these are the top 3 eyeshadow palettes you can buy now. We’ve picked the palettes through detail research and practical experience, and these are the palettes that are our winners among lots of competitors. Every one of them are buy-worthy, and through the reviews, we’ve shown why. Hope this eyeshadow reviews help you pick the best palette for you. Shoot any questions in the comment section. I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Until then, alvida!

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