Best Pool Tables Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

As you wish to buy a pool table then you have to explore the Best Pool Tables Reviews to be aware of pool table price according to different size. Playing Billiards as well as pool games make a person socialize among his friends and also make him popular.  Among other essential gaming equipment a pool table is must for gaming pool.

A pool table also presents your gestation and personality. A well designed and proper sized pool table makes your residence adorned and striking. Playing for a long time you need to maintain your table with proper height and size. Your gaming setup makes your play time comfortable and it will be enjoyable to all. So it will be beneficial for us to discus about best pool tables reviews 2018 before buying a pool table.

As well as your budget the game’s ability to prioritize, age and measure of the place of your room should be considered when buying a pool table. From here one can find out the best one which is related with his interest and category.   Here we provide you a clear guideline to choose the best one for you. We also inform you the process of its best use and some necessary tips for maintenance your table. From the list of different category and a wide scale price range you will able to settle up your mind to chose the correct one best for you.

Best Pool Tables Reviews 2018

These Pool Tables are good enough to make it to our list of the Top 10 Best Pool Tables Reviews 2017.

Hathaway Fairmont 6' Portable Pool TableHathaway Fairmont 6‘ Portable Pool Table6 ft
Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard Pool Game TableFat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table7.5 ft
Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table EXTRA LARGE 44"Game TableBello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table EXTRA LARGE 44″Game Table 44 In
Fat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard Pool Game TableFat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table7.5 ft
Fat Cat TucsonFat Cat Tucson MMXI 7-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table7 ft
Hathaway Hustler Pool TableHathaway Hustler Pool Table78 In
Fat Cat Kansas 7-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table with Eagle Claw and Ball LegsFat Cat Kansas 7-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table with Eagle Claw and Ball Legs7 ft
Playcraft Sprint Blue Cloth Pool Table, Black/GreyPlaycraft Sprint 3-in-1 Blue Cloth Pool Table7 ft
Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table with Playing EquipmentPlaycraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table with Playing Equipment7 ft
Carmelli Newport 7’ Pool Table Set with BenchesCarmelli Newport 7’ Pool Table Set with Benches7 ft

1. Hathaway Fairmont 6‘ Portable Pool Table

It’s a great table if you’re tight on space and just looking to have a great fun playing pool. First of all the table itself is sturdy and solid. The black rails are nice and the blue color makes it great and exceptional than other. Its indeed plays like a regular table without the bulk and weight. The table comes with balls, Hathaway Fairmont 6' Portable Pool Table cues, rack and chalk. Even includes a zippered case for long storage. Surely it is one of cheap pool table.

The table easy to install and all you have to do to set it up is unfold the legs and stand it up. The table levels easily by rotating the lower pads. The legs fold out of the bottom and each has a very easy to adjust leveler. It is the table what can be folded up to store away and it is portable for easy to move anywhere. It is about 150 -190lbs and pretty sturdy. Its quality is good and having decent-sized balls is also great.

Everything works great and pool cues are pretty doing well. The pool sticks are great and work well. One stick is a bit warped nevertheless still works. You may cut 6″ off the back of one of the cheap cue sticks to make a shortly for tight spots. For the most parts it plays very well. The rails are a little stiff and you don’t get the bounce you would get from a more professional table. It much easily to get the balls in the sockets than the professional but it is perfect for non professional uses. The wood surface is not thin plywood but hard like a desk, and its a great experience that the rails play well.

While the table is portable and not too heavy and you don’t need any help to move it  two flights of stairs to your apartment by yourself, though consider it a heavy job. This table is rousted and save the money compare to other. The table should ship with 1-7/8″ balls which are more befitting for a six foot table. It is excellent. You may use it to practice shots.  This pool table is larger than the really small portable ones, but smaller than regulation size, yet still gives a fun pool experience. This would be very easy to take outside on a nice day to shoot on a patio or deck as its very portable.


  • If you are looking for a smaller, somewhat portable pool table, this is a great one.
  • Not too expensive, and very good quality for house hold uses.
  • As well as it will serve its purpose as a fun recreational table for parties and gatherings.


  • The sticks it comes with are not so good. Especially pool cues are good for the kids.
  • It’s recommended to purchase weight cues and quality balls for better experience.
  • Called it a 6 foot table but the playing surface is about 5’6″. The middle of the table has a slight upward bow to it.

Accessories Included with the table

  • Wo-piece  pool cue
  • One set of  pool balls
  • One plastic triangle
  • Cue chalk
  • Carry bag

2. Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table

Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game table is fantastic. If you are looking for good table for your home game room and can’t afford the cost of a regulation size slate table this is a good buy. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and leveled easily on a concrete floor.Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard Pool Game Table

Make your home  jazzy and class one setting up a Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard Game Table. This excellent table has six-inch rails consist of white diamond inlays, burgundy wool cloth and beveled legs with maple wood veneer and a cherry finish. All this together made the table amazing. It is  one-inch aculeate playing surface and K66 rubber bumpers get you a better play experience. The Aculeate playing surface ensures you seven-year warranty. You also get 57-inch two-piece cues, one set of billiard balls, two pieces of chalk, a triangle, and a brush include with the table.

It is very easy to put together and it didn’t take very long at all. It’s very easy to assemble. One person can assemble, but will need help putting top on table. You are going to need small hands, or get ready for some busted knuckles, when putting the four sided legs together. The table playing surface is covered by burgundy wool cloth and is engineered to resist warping over time. One of the main decisions to make around buying a pool table is whether to go with a slate table or not but this table is  seemed pretty positive on aculeate. Equipped with K66 rubber bumpers, 6″ rails with white diamond inlays and beveled legs with maple wood veneer and a cherry finish.

Two pool cues which are pretty and really only good for putting a bridge on them, and the brush is absolutely worthless as the bristles come out as you use it. The pockets are very stylish. French-style drop pockets accentuate the classical design of this   table. Table legs are strong enough and easy to assemble.The table legs shaped like  pillars   set the table hard. Feet of table equipped with hidden leveling pads to move that corner up or down, making it easier   to play on every where.

This table looks like a more expensive piece than what it is. Great for the price and  family level of playing. I would recommend this purchase to anyone. After analyze Best Pool Tables Reviews you should decide to buy this nice one.


  • Easy and quick to installation. With the help of your friend you can assemble the table according to instruction.
  • Comes with good quality balls, cues, brush and other equipment.
  • No roll on table makes it easier to play.
  • Looks great – in fairness, have a better playing surface provide more billiard abilities and enjoy great fun on playing.
  • Overall it’s a good value cheap pool table for money you invest for it.


  • Felt looks a but light – No issue now but will be interesting to see how it wears after a couple of years playing.
  • Bit of a hollow sound when hitting the balls initially but again you forget after a few times.
  • Would not advise trying to sit on it playing one of those awkward shots can hold one leg.
  • Table is not in climate controlled so humidity may be the problem here.

Accessories include

  • Two 57″ two-piece hardwood cues
  • One rail brush
  • One set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls
  • One resin triangle
  • Two pieces of performance chalk

3. Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table EXTRA LARGE 44″Game Table

Discover your home jazzy and class one, setting up a Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table. This Make your game room really nice and charming with its gorgeous fittings and also fit for your young children. No assembly required. It’s Very easy to installation. Just unpack the packages and start Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table EXTRA LARGE 44"Game Tableplaying. Very well constructed.  All you have to do is take it out of the box. Its a great product.

This is a mini version of a professional table, is scaled up version and the speed cushions are as same as on a professional table and also it does the job for a folding pool table. This little table feels and acts just like the real deal. The dimensions are accurate extra large pool table measured by 44″ X 24″ X 30″. And when it is folded then you slide it well between wall and armoire in your bedroom. It would be easy to make leveling feet for this product. On the up side, set up is easy as putting up and folding table.

The manufacturer cut corners with the rail cusions, especially for high quality table. The table has bumpers those are much more substantial and the action is more like a real pool table. The bumpers are actually pretty lively. The pool sticks are of course light, compared to professional heavy pool sticks, and the balls are solid. The cue sticks are 42 inches long perfect for an exciting pool game. The cue sticks are perfectly balanced for size, as are the balls.

The balls and cues are just mini versions of perfect one profession pool table. These balls are about half the size of a regular ball, they about the size of a golf ball or slightly larger. The pockets are old-style pockets simply stylish and bags that hold the balls are also clear nice looking. Each one comfortably holds around 3 or 4 balls. After each game you need to grab the balls out of each pocket. Make the depth of the pool table less than accurate you have want to folding the legs completely and you may store it under the bed or standing in a closet.


  • If you want to enjoy pool game but haven’t the room for a large table, this is the perfect answer to save space.
  • The quality of the materials are excellent.
  • Add to that the fact that the legs fold up and we can easily store the table out of the way when not in use.


  • It’s not a very impressive that the bright yellow on the pockets but you will get over it.
  • It’s not entirely level, or entirely accurate if you just roll the ball slow across the table.
  • The bumpers make bank shots hard but if they were as bouncy as normal pool tables the game play wouldn’t be as much fun.

Complete with Includes

  • 2 cue sticks
  • Billiard ball set
  • A diamond triangle for balls
  • A 9 inch table brush
  • Pool table chalk

4. Fat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table

The table is amazing. It is quite easy to install the table. The instructions are quite good. It takes couple of hours to assemble the base, and it takes at least three adults to lift the table top. You  may use movers’ help to lower table top into the basement. It’s actually pretty easy to install the table using basic handFat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard Pool Game Table tools. Start with the legs and then the frame. Now you attach the legs to the frame. You need at least 2 people to flip it over and install the top with at least 2 to 3 people. You also have directions that they are pretty easy to follow.

This is a great table so far for the pool table price. The top is as straight and level as a beam and rolls nicely. The table is equipped with K66 rubber bumpers, 6” rails with white diamond inlays and beveled legs with wood veneer mahogany. Accessories include two 57” cues, one set of billiard balls, one resin triangle and two pieces of billiard chalk. This table is one of the best pool table which is available pool tables for sale in the market.

Dimensions ofthis table are 92″ x 52″ x 32 inches high. The top is fully supported by a heavy-duty real-wood frame all the way around with 10 heavy duty bolts to connect the top to frame. There are 2 2-inch x 4-inch crossbeams to support the middle that are also bolted to the frame. The table is regular home size to fit in a home .The measurement  of the per-assembled table is 89.5 L x 50.5 W x 31H. all in inches.  It comes with brown felt on top.  It made with a MDF core. The slate bed, the top, rails and pockets are all come in 1 piece. The pre assembled top consists of slate table, rails and pockets.

Total top thickness including the rails is about 6 inches. Playing thickness is about 3/4 inch. It comes with the resin triangle. The legs come in 4 pieces and need to be assembled. Once assembled the legs then they are heavy duty and secure. The frame with a large iron bracket in each corner with 4 bolts each. Each foot has a leveling pad that winds up or down to level the table. Feet of table equipped with hidden leveling pads to move that corner up or down, making it easier to play on un-even ground. So its very easy to set the table on any surface.

I think it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. The top comes with a 7-year, no-warp warranty which is nice to have although there is a procedure in the manual to make minor adjustments to if it required with shims.

You may  use it on a screened in patio, however the deck of the table is still felt and you would need to keep it covered to keep rain and dust from blowing in on it.


  • The pockets of the table are very nice.
  • French-style drop pockets accentuate the classical design of this table.
  • The material that the pockets are made out of is pretty heavy duty.


  • It is not as fast as a slate table but it is much better quality than the average non-slate table.
  • Sometimes the balls do not roll straight, they roll to the center.
  • Bumpers are a little hard and ball does not bounce back real well.

Accessories include

  • Two 57” cues
  • One set of billiard balls
  • One resin triangle
  • Two pieces of billiard chalk

5. Fat Cat Tucson

Be an owner of  the Tucson MMXI, one of Fat Cat’s decent billiard tables. It’s easy to attach the heavy duty arcade style legs to the table’s base and now you are ready to play. Rubber bumpers make the hardest of bank shots more effective. The process of side ball return system, the table collects and storesFat Cat Tucson your billiard balls in one place.  Extremely heavy and you need help to get into your room you want it be at. Table itself is quite nice to play on. You need not any special tools to assemble this table.

Standard tools also will be adequate. It is combination of a 3/4″ MDF playing surface and rubber bumpers. The leg-levelers will help to keep your table completely level even if the flooring is not flat. You have to follow Pool Tables Reviews before buy one which will guide you to select cheap pool tables for the pool table price.

Tabulate 3/4 inch MDF Play Surface with  a light shade of blue Polyester Cloth. The table dimensions are 84 x 46 x 31.2 inches and 214 pounds weight. The table surface bed includes a protective moisture-resistant and low-friction sapphire-toned polyester cloth. Sliding board is hard to slide. The table’s sleek black rails and the charming sapphire hue makes a great experience of pool game.  The triangle was a little bigger but other then that were very happy. This table would be able to support a conversion top. You may  put a conversion board on top for table tennis. It does not have a slate. The table top piece (height) is 84L x 46.5W x 13H when per-assembled.

The table has auto excellent side Ball Return System that collects balls in and stores them in one central location for easy access. You need not to collect the balls yourself. The sticks that come with it are very light and generic. The cues are just part of the package. Other cues can be purchased. There are very inexpensive cues all over. The table will come with standard size balls. The balls auto return to the end just fine.

Eighteen white circle sights Accents are also located on the table’s rails, makes players to align their perfect shot. Rubber Bumpers makes the board momentum powerful and absorb more energy when struck by player’s banked shots, allowing for a heavy shot. Arcade-style legs are modern designed while the adjustable leg levelers helps to level it  uneven floor surfaces by allowing you to fine-tune the height of each leg, increasing the table’s performance.


  • Extremely heavy, The Table will brighten your game room with its electric-blue playing surface.
  • This billiards table makes wave of billiards hall to your game room.
  • The dimensions of the table are 84″ L x 46-1/2″ W x 31″ H, and the playfield measures 75″ L x 37-1/2″ W.
  • It looks really nice and is a great Pool table for sale all above the price.


  • The table is not offered in different colors.
  • You will probably want to upgrade the sticks for better experience.
  • The leveling changes depending on carpet or hardwood and you may have to re-do it if you change.
  • You may use it at outdoor but  only concern would be the natural elements such as rain or humidity damaging it.
  • The blue color is vivid but looks great for a pool table instead of the traditional green.
  • The table comes with 57 inch two-piece hardwood cues, 2 pieces of performance chalk, 1 resin triangle and 1 set of 2-1/4 inch billiard balls.

Accessories include

  • Two pieces of chalk
  • Resin triangle
  • Two 57″ two-piece billiard cues
  • One set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls

6. Hathaway Hustler Pool Table

It’s a very nice pool table and very easy to set up. There is some minor assembly. You will need at least one assistant to help you put the table together. You have to move it your game room  and put the legs on. There is one large Table top piece and you just need to assemble the legs. That was not so hard to do. This table is made with MDF not slate. The table is extremely heavy. It is quite nice to play on. Hathaway Hustler Pool TableThe Table will brighten your game room with its vibrant blue playing surface. This billiards table makes a billiards hall atmosphere to your game room.

The table top is very straight, not warped at all.  It sits on carpet so it took a few attempts to level but once settled its perfect. Once level, balls return with no problem. Profession style fast action gum rubber cushions makes the table more active. The 7ft table is 31″ and the 8ft table is 31.5″ tall. Playing Surface is  78 in. L x 39 in. by measure. Level 3/4 in. thick CARB certified MDF with blue felt. The blue colour makes an impression of enjoy the game with the idea of a pool club. The surface is plain but covered with blue cloth that makes the board moisture free but doesn’t create any friction. Pockets are stylish enough and automatic ball collection system is easy for playing.

The balls are store in a central point from the pockets. Cues are long enough and its quality is also good for a casual payer. A brush is given you and you may clean the board easily without making any scratch on the surface.  Black mettle cabinet with 4 in. wide durable laminate top rails. White circle sights Accents are also located on the table’s rails, makes players to align their perfect shot. Rigid pedestal style legs with 6 in. stabilizing leg levelers. Two species flat legs touched with the top surface which have four adjustable lever two per each and makes it easy to set the table any surface with well balanced. Rigid pedestal style legs with 6 in. stabilizing leg levelers. Two pool cues, balls, chalk and the triangle comes with the table. The balls are full sized.  The balls tend to roll to the side rails, but not really bad. This table is perfect for you as you wish to select one which is found in market the pool table for sale.


  • This is a very good low budget table.
  • It is easy to assemble and  you need at least 2 people to move the table.
  • The play is decent and its easy to level and there is a serviceable bounce of the bumpers unlike other tables.


  • The cues are not very high quality you get with the ones provided but get new cues. You may buy 2 new ones for an exciting game.
  • The table is made of wood and it’s not weather proof.
  • It’s not like balls randomly roll to the side or anything.

Accessories include

  • Set of billiards balls
  • Two 57 in. pool cues
  • Chalk, table brush
  • Racking triangle
  • 90 – Day Limited Warranty.

7. Fat Cat Kansas 7-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table with Eagle Claw and Ball Legs

Nicely designed ball shape with Eagle claw legs present sophism and rated the class of this durable billiard table. The suitable artistry surface bed construction protects the table, ensure you  for years of continue gaming. Its also add nostalgic charm to your game room. It’s very easy to installation. Fat Cat Kansas 7-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table with Eagle Claw and Ball LegsSome special tools you want to assemble the table. One person needs to assemble all the parts and it needs a few hours. Then you need two adult persons to finally set up the table on your floor.

This table is very nice as it has a plain surface with green view makes it gorgeous. The table provide you 5/8 inch hard tack surface bed with a bourgeois swilling that made  the table last for years. A cloth covered the surface which is very much helpful to protect the table from moisture and also make surface free from friction. Its dishy wool-blend cloth makes green and fresh compliments to tables over view. The table is proper sized that is all suitable for an exciting game.

This table by Dimensions: 84″ L x 47″ W x 31″ H in size.  With the shape of ball and eagle claw legs of 7-foot billiard table makes it is an attractive black finish profession table. Of course the elegant wool-blend cloth appears with deep hue of fresh green colour that increases the table’s beauty. The surface bed is  5/8″ hard tack with a protective laminate membrane, certainly make  that the table is built for years to last. The rails are as strong as its need. It Preserve better momentum of shots with the 5″ rails included 818 rubber cushions. And the off white eighteen circle sight help players in aligning shots. The jet-black rails are also add style  to the table.

The pockets are very nice which are Shielded Leatherette Drop hand craft design. You can collect balls from the pocket easily and gather them in one place. The cue sticks that provide with the table is so much attractive and these are stylish. It is high quality and there is no complain about the sticks. Each stick is 57 inch long and hard enough. Two pieces of performance chalk given with the package. Signature cabriole ball and Table with Eagle Claw Legs is an excellent addition the legs embrace historic  traits  in your game room with the beauty of craft. There is no leg Levelers.

It has six inches thickness of top rails. The product dimensions is  92.5 x 53 x 13.8 inches in size.  Its play bed dimensions is also  78-1/2″ x 39″ . Play bed material are Make with the  green wool blend cloth. And the table shiping weight is 321 pounds. White round inlays. Green wool blend cloth is very attractive. Pockets which are leather made with craft design. Claw and ball feet Cabriole legs make it more attractive. MDF wood veneer legs and rails have a maple finish.  Accurate 5/8 inch  particle board play surface is beneficial to paly a competitive game.


  • This table is very nice as it has green view makes it gorgeous.
  • It’s very easy to installation. Some special tools you want to assemble the table.
  • MDF wood veneer legs and rails have a maple finish.


  • This is not so high quality product.
  • Table can not be leveled easily as the plywood top fluctuates when it try to level.
  • This is a heavy product to move any where. You need the assistance of at least two person assemble and set the table on the surface.

Accessories include

  • Two 57″ two-piece hardwood cues
  • One nice rail brush
  • One set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls
  • One resin triangle
  • Two pieces of performance chalk.

8. Playcraft Sprint Blue Cloth Pool Table, Black/Grey

The Sprint Blue Cloth Pool Table looks great and perfect for your game room  while playing around with friends. It is the newest pool table in the Playcraft brand EZ build series. Makes with electric blue Talon billiard cloth. Sets up this table easily for immediately play. Just install the legs and play. Playcraft Sprint Blue Cloth Pool Table, Black/GreyPlayfield is constructed of resin infused with a pvc coating. For a perfect bounce billiards experience the table is also constructed with k65 rails. The table comes with all of the playing equipment necessary for playing.

The Product Dimensions are  84 x 48 x 31 inches and its weight is 246 pounds. The table is very solid, and the feet have a good non-skid pad on them, so the table can not be slide anywhere without any frictions.  Available in electric blue Taclon billiard cloth, this table sets up in no time for immediately play. Playfield is constructed of resin infused HDF with a pvc coating. The silver plastic guards on each outside corner has covered the seams where the sides are joined.

Lumber style thick legs with four lever each helps to level your table on any surface. The legs are hard enough to protect the energy forced on every shot.   Extra large pockets are fashionable with stylish band in four corners. It is recommending that before attempting to level, screwing the feet initially all the way  to make sure there is plenty of leeway to work with for adjustments. The cues are fine and not so heavy. The brush is adequate for removing bits of chalk or lint from the surface and it is good for removing any chalk streaks left by a cue. The balls and plastic rack are pretty standard.

The buckets in the pockets is little deeper, and you have to relocate balls when a pocket gets full. It can be easily modified to accommodate a ball return. Large 6″ Diameter Adjustable Leg . Levelers help to set up it easily. Non-felt surface may properly lead to the table playing consistently for long time, as it doesn’t appear likely to get fluffy as felt tends to do over long periods of time.The Playcrfaft Sprint 7′ pool table is supplied  with 2 – 57″ cues, one set of ball consist of 15 ball with cue ball, ball rack, chalk and brush. Also a game rulebook.

The Playcraft Sprint is made specifically for indoor use only. For home recreation, Playcraft Sprint is the most popular size pool table. Aside from popularity, the room size plays a major factor in which table size should be considered. It is the best choice for you if your room is not very specious. Using a standard size cues that is supplied with the Sprint is proper enough for  the comfortable playing experience.


  • It is a very good table for the low price and also suitable for house use specially considered the room space.
  • Playcraft Sprint is the most popular size pool table.
  • The table is easy to Set Up – Just Attach the Legs and start playing.
  • All Playing Equipment Included with it.


  • The Sprint is available as a drop pocket model only.
  • There is no ball return option. You need to collect balls yourself and put it in right place. The Sprint is not suitable for outdoor or patio use.
  • The tips are very shiny, so they don’t hold chalk well.

Accessories include

  • 2 – 57″ cues
  • One set of ball consist of 15 ball with cue ball
  • Ball rack
  • Chalk and brush.

9. Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table with Playing Equipment

Provide you the table with all Aluminum Construction look gorgeous. Its very  easy to assembly. Large Tubular Beam Legs make it strong. Electric Blue Weatherproof UV Resistant Polytech cloth is also friction free. Comes with all Playing Equipments. The tabe weight is 326 lbs. Its outside dimensions 99″L x55″ W x 31″ H. The inside playing surface 88″L x44″W.Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table with Playing Equipment

Playcraft 8 ft. Extera Outdoor Billiard Table is the best indoor or outdoor table with all Playing Equipments. It’s free from all weather effect, so relax and enjoy the game for long time.  Quality construction, and very heavy. You need several adults to turn the table over after assembly. Assembly was easy.  Finished with plain shaped aluminum 5-7/8 inches top rails, 5-1/2 in. aprons, the legs and square tubular beam sub-frame are all aluminum.

It’s protect with anti-rust coating to save from moisture. It’s a great fitting that the  1-inch composite weatherproof playfield. Play surface is definitely different than traditional felt which are similar to fabric The suitable aluminum corner post and top cap anchor made the table more strong. The large tubular beam legs with cross truss bracing is the support to make table stand fit and 6 in. diameter adjustable feet levelers helps to level table properly. Its add extra style to the table that the electric blue weatherproof UV-resistant polytech billiard cloth.

The cue sticks are supplied with it is very good quality. Sticks are 57 inches in size. This size is proper for out door use and if you room size is big it is also fit for you. It is as like same profession one. Performance chalks are good also. Pockets are as fit as the table size. Playcraft high-quality pool tables and recreational accessories are famous for two important decades. It is making products suitable for commercial as well as home use.

They supply their product on consistent value and superior craftsmanship. The table gives ever-expanding high quality, consist of innovative equipment designed to make your games alive. It is a outdoor weatherproof pool table. This the table that dimensions are 99L x 55W x 31H inches. This outdoor pool table is last for years. Its more you get for the pool table price.


  • The table is constructed in  modern style.
  • The table is suitable for open air use and protect with damp-resistant materials.
  • The blue cloth, aluminum and black color cabinet give class one appearance to your home.
  • According to Best Pool Tables Reviews, This modern pool table has adjustable feet levelers that gives opportunities  to set table any surface despite uneven ground.


  • Table performance is very fast, but spin shots don’t grab real well.
  • Color is some different on bumpers than play surface. It is blue on surface, a bit greener on bumpers.
  • There is no guides on rails that looks a little  odd.
  • Pockets are wanted to be deeper as more than three balls or more in a pocket clog the pocket.
  • There are no markers on the rails.

Accessories include

  • 2 – 57″ composite billiard cues
  • 1 – set 2-1/4″ phenolic billiard balls
  • 1 – 15 ball plastic triangle rack
  • 1 – billard cloth brush
  • 2 – cue chalk
  • 1 – PVC cover Accessories included

10. Carmelli Newport 7’ Pool Table Set with Benches

The amazing, multi-functional Newport pool table is designed with sturdy CARB certified MDF material which provide awesome design and the lines covered in a nice driftwood melamine that increases  the rich grain and natural imp action  on reclaimed wood. The table can be easily convert into a dining or a craft table. Carmelli Newport 7’ Pool Table Set with BenchesThe features are high quality nylon wool blended cloth and chrome-plated corner caps, ½ inches round inlay ed sights, professional true roll bumpers. The matching benches with soft padded seat cushions that provide more comfort convenient seating that helps to keep your game accessories close to the table and organized them. Its  a perfect pool table for large family gatherings, parties or conference.

It’s a large surface excellent Pool table that can be converted into other which necessary for your family. Table Dimensions are 84 inches L x 46 inches W x 32 inches H in size. The table play field is friction less and the pockets are good enough for an enjoyable game. Four corner of the table is designed with a simple style. Driftwood melamine top rail with half inches white inlay sights and its make more attractive using chrome plated corner castings.

The table is provided you with two soft padded benches that can be stored under the table. Hydraulic EX-lifters helps to open or close of the bench seat top easily. It’s a multi functional table with the feature of convert it into a set of two pieces of dining table. You may turn it into table tennis top and enjoy gaming for more hours with a different taste of different games. This table package include two pool cues which are 57 inches long and the cues are quite good and perfect for a competitive game. You can use this sticks indoor or outdoor use.

According to your game room space it will not be so long as the pool table is accurate size for your room. Two piece of quality best performance chalk is given to you with the table. Nice looking one plastic triangle comes with it. Four legs attached each  Conner make the table     strong enough to make protect from the force that push on every shot. Flat shape two thick legs are also including with the bench. Driftwood melamine side, end and leg panels with independent leg levelers.


  • Table quality is decent.
  • Its Color is definitely darker than expected.
  • Your Guests must love playing games when passing host holidays.
  • Using this as a dinner table was a major factor in buying this.
  • Assembly was easy and mostly it is pre-assembled.
  • Table looks nice as pool, table, and ping-pong set up.


  • The table is a nature color. There is also black available.
  • This is a pretty cheaply constructed for cheap pool tables.
  • Looks nice and works but it’s certainly not an heirloom, nor will it last for many years long either.
  • Accessories like cues and paddles are not so high quality.

Accessories Included with the table

  • Two-piece 57″ pool cue
  • 2.25″ pool balls
  • One plastic triangle
  • Cue chalk
  • Table tennis net and posts
  • 2 paddles
  • 2 table tennis balls

Things to Consider Before Buying A Pool Tables

Before purchase an expensive pool table just a few things you should bear in mind. It makes easy to read Best Pool Tables Reviews to be informed about the pool tables for sale are available in market.

A pool table installed in your house is a great way to attract neighbors, friends or co-workers. If you’re thinking about buying a pool table, or if you think there are some positive reasons to win it you should considered some very good reason.  Choose the pool table limit your budget is an important matter. Pool table can be made of solid wood or MDF, and it’s really better than all the others. Buyers should make sure their table has been provided to customize the weight evenly distributed.

Three piece slate table should be ideal and buyers should be aware that the slate will be different sizes. Pockets are made of rubber, leather or plastic. For home use the most appropriate for a pool table pockets made from the skin. A major consideration is the size of the table will depend on the space. A pool table for the family to stay at home to spend time together will give you the perfect excuse. Nowadays everyone involved in separate rooms, so each member of the family is not very easy to meet. But to get a pool table, you can play all together, and the opportunity to meet with each member.

It is emphasize in best pool table reviews that a pool table is a one-off cost, which can be used repeatedly. If you have children in your day to day activities will become more and more expensive, and a pool table can be considered as good for long-term investment that will always provide you service for years. Children who are interested in playing in the pool and they will be more active in body and mind than those of  who peers sitting in front of Cable TV, PC or game console compared to those. You know your children are safe inside, where they play pool.

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